Meg's Musings

06 Oct 2021
Meg Heffron

Meg Heffron

Managing Director

October means three things in my house: the first dollarbird invariably arrives in the first week (a summer migrant bird for us), Super Intensive Day happens, so does the Kaden Centre’s Sweat for Survivors walkathon (10,000 steps per day in October).

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All three are eagerly anticipated (albeit through gritted teeth sometimes) and there is some conflict between the last two.

At this point, the Super Intensive Day is pretty much locked and loaded. We’re ready to go and looking forward to “seeing” a lot of you at the event. The day will have some extra sizzle this year – we’re launching our new online education program (“Education Bites”) and are excited to be providing three months’ free access to some great SMSF CPD to everyone who comes along.

The walkathon is only just getting started but so far I haven’t missed a day.

The Kaden Centre is an organization you might have heard about before if you’ve followed our blogs in the last few years. It fills a unique gap when it comes to those suffering from cancer or other long term illnesses. Their team of physios, oncology exercise physiologists and other allied health professionals help with exercise programs and dietary advice that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of people progressing through treatment and recovery. The Centre relies on donations to cover 70% of the cost of its services and we aim to help them do that.

You’ll see references to the Kaden Centre on our website, on our emails and at our events.

But in the coming weeks you might see them a little more.

For the second year, we’re getting behind their annual event – Sweat for Survivors – and this is something where we need your help. A number of familiar Heffron faces will be working in teams and asking friends, family, clients and anyone else who will listen to sponsor them to walk 10,000 steps each day in October.

Given all the jokes around the Covid-19 impact on our ability to fit into the work clothes we used to wear, I expect the timing is pretty good too.

Of course, I’m hoping many readers of this newsletter will sponsor my team – if for no other reason than you all know I need the exercise so that I can get back to presenting at live events if our state borders really do open up some time soon. 

Charitable giving is obviously something that’s personal to all of us and I realise that our cause is not necessarily your cause. But we’re hoping for your support on this one - with help from our staff, our clients and the SMSF community we might be able to make a meaningful contribution to the great work done by the Kaden Centre.

Click here to choose your Heffron team and donate. Make sure it’s my team – I have foolishly thrown down the gauntlet to our youngsters and need to beat them.