Electronic Signatures

We use DocuSign which is an encrypted, secure and Covid safe way for our clients to sign documents online.

Reasons and benefits

Heffron began using electronic signatures to remove the long delays that inevitably occur when a large package of documentation is posted and needs to be quickly signed by multiple parties and then returned.

Due to uncertain timelines and mishandling of packages documents rarely arrive in the pristine state in which they left our office. In addition to this our business can be subject to the 'kitchen bench effect' (which we are all guilty of) where documents that require immediate action become lost on the kitchen bench until we find them months later!  

We began using electronic signatures in 2016 and since then have had only positive feedback from our customers who tell us they find it much quicker to get their financial accounts signed and their tax lodged. Docusign is particularly helpful when there are multiple signatures required, when trustees don’t all live together or when the documents arrive when someone is away. 

Signing documents electronically

When your documents are ready for review and signing you will receive an email from Heffron via our electronic signing platform DocuSign.
Click the button “review documents” to start signing.   

Completed documents

Once all parties have completed the documents you will receive an email to download the completed documents and either print or save for your records.

Increased Safety and Convenience

Access codes

Heffron have implemented recipient authentication as an extra layer of security when accessing your documents via DocuSign. Upon receiving your DocuSign email, you will be asked to provide a valid access code to continue to view the documents. When the email is created, Heffron sets the access code and includes in the email a hint as to what your access code is.

If the access code is incorrectly entered three times, for security purposes, access to your documents will be locked. You will then be required to contact Heffron’s Client Relations Team to retrieve a new link for your documents and your correct access code.

Data Security

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we take the privacy of your personal information very seriously. We have worked closely with DocuSign to verify that they are compliant with international information security standards. DocuSign has received approval for Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) and from the EU Data Protection Authorities (DPA). What this means is that you can be sure that your data is always protected in an encrypted format and that when your data is in transit or at rest the highest level of information security measures are being applied.  

Using your own signature

You can setup a signature or accept to use the signature provided to you by DocuSign. If you wish to set your own signature, sign by using your mouse, finger or stylus. Our clients find it is easier to set a signature when using a tablet or mobile device.

Shared email addresses

If you share an email address with another member or trustee of the fund, each member will receive a signing email to your shared email address asking you to review and complete the documents. Check the name at the top of the email is correct so you know it’s your signing pack.

Authentication via Geolocation

DocuSign uses the geolocation options built into most modern web browsers to track the approximate location of where a signing ceremony took place. This is an additional authentication method to help secure the validity of your signed documents. Sharing your location information is not mandatory, you can still sign your documents electronically if you choose to block geolocation.

Signing while overseas

This is one of the great benefits of DocuSign, you can review and sign your documents anywhere in the world

Comprehensive DocuSign support materials can be found here: